Dr. Deborah J. Levasseur

Dr. Deborah J. LevasseurDr. Levasseur is a Clinical Psychologist (licensed in NH & NY) who received her M.A. and Ph.D. at the State University of New York at Albany.  She completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Behavioral Medicine Section of the Psychiatry Department at Dartmouth Medical School in West Lebanon, NH and Predoctoral Internship at the Boston VAMC /Tufts New England Medical Centers Psychology Internship Consortium in Boston, MA.

Throughout her years of professional training and practice, Dr. Levasseur has specialized in the assessment and treatment of anxiety and stress-related disorders.  She has extensive experience working with individuals diagnosed with the full range of anxiety disorders and chronic medical health problems. She offers general assessment and psychotherapy services and Behavioral Medicine (Clinical Health Psychology) consultation with a special focus on pain management and motivational interventions targeting behavioral and lifestyle change.  Additional areas of treatment expertise include stress, anger, and mood management; general health and weight management; recovery from health-related incidents; preparing for and coping with surgical procedures such as gastric bypass; and managing insomnia and other sleep disturbances, etc.

Dr. Levasseur enjoys working with individuals interested in assertiveness communication skills building and learning improved ways of negotiating stressful life transitions (e.g., personal, social, & professional).  Additionally, she offers practical interventions in the area of couples treatment and strategic solutions for dealing with difficult family members, friends, and coworkers.

Loki-&-Mama-12-8-12-9-cropped-thumbShe welcomes into her practice, those clients interested in making bona fide changes in their lives.  Her Cognitive Behavioral theoretical orientation and approach to psychotherapy focuses on solution-focused methods to resolving symptoms and problems and developing personal goals for change and self-acceptance.  Dr. Levasseur values the utilization of interventions with known efficacy, efficiency, and specificity (i.e., evidence-based practice).

She also maintains a special interest in the practice of Positive Psychology which is a burgeoning area in the field of psychology that highlights individuals' strengths vs. deficits and mind-body holism and wellness. She believes that every person is capable of, and responsible for, personal behavior change and balance